• Inspiring Keynote Speaker and Broadcaster

    Nelson Lauver inspires people to find the courage to reach their highest and best through strategic storytelling.

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  • About Nelson…the Advocate

    Nelson Lauver has overcome and leveraged adversity to be a voice for individuals around the world.

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  • The Author

    Nelson’s memoir - the power of hope and courage against insurmountable obstacles and how it makes a difference in life. Timeless & Inspiring.

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  • 4-minute audio stories from Nelson’s internationally acclaimed American Storyteller Radio Journal. Real people profiles, inspiration, historical figures and humor, to name a few. You’ll be hooked!
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“A better world starts with the courage to believe you have something to contribute.” | Nelson Lauver

For Educators

Check out our free educator downloads, lesson ideas and more: A free developmental writing course created around Nelson’s inspiring memoir, Most UnLikely to Succeed; our new educator books at cost program; a free discussion guide download for Most Unlikely to Succeed; and free audio stories for ESL. Lots more coming soon…including free downloadable teaching aids for ESL and a Skype with Nelson program!

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Literacy in America

Did you know that 1 in 7 people are functionally illiterate? Low literacy is a huge problem for all of us. The Jane and Nelson Lauver Foundation believes that the abilities to read, write and communicate effectively are the most essential elements to a fulfilling life, and the building blocks to reaching one’s highest and best. Every individual has a right to these basic skills and you can make a difference.

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