• Transformational Speaker and Broadcaster

    Nelson Lauver inspires people to find the courage to reach their highest and best through strategic storytelling.

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  • About Nelson…the Advocate

    Nelson Lauver has overcome and leveraged adversity to be a voice for individuals around the world.

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  • The Author

    Nelson’s memoir - the power of hope and courage against insurmountable obstacles and how it makes a difference in life. Timeless & Inspiring.

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  • 4-minute audio stories from Nelson’s internationally acclaimed American Storyteller Radio Journal. Real people profiles, inspiration, historical figures and humor, to name a few. You’ll be hooked!
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“A better world starts with the courage to believe you have something to contribute.” | Nelson Lauver

English Students and Teachers

Exchange ideas with educators from all over the world to foster learning. Our vision is to generate discussions that will be beneficial to all learners, most especially to those who struggle. We encourage you to join us in the discussion. And we encourage you to submit your materials too!

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Literacy in America

Are you aware of how serious the problem of low literacy is in your community and our nation as a whole? The Jane and Nelson Lauver Foundation believes that the abilities to read, write and communicate effectively are the most essential elements to a fulfilling life, and the building blocks to reaching one’s highest and best. Every individual has a right to these basic skills.

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