• Inspiring Keynote Speaker and Broadcaster

    Nelson Lauver inspires people to find the courage to reach their highest and best through strategic storytelling.

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  • About Nelson…the Advocate

    Nelson Lauver has overcome and leveraged adversity to be a voice for individuals around the world.

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  • The Author

    Nelson’s memoir - the power of hope and courage against insurmountable obstacles and how it makes a difference in life. Timeless & Inspiring.

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  • 4-minute audio stories from Nelson’s internationally acclaimed American Storyteller Radio Journal. Real people profiles, inspiration, historical figures and humor, to name a few. You’ll be hooked!
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“A better world starts with the courage to believe you have something to contribute.” | Nelson Lauver

Free E-Book Download of “Most Unlikely to Succeed.” Limited Time Offer!

Courtesy of the Lauver Foundation, you can now download the e-book version of Nelson’s award winning memoir, FREE! Available in both Kindle and Epub versions. Act now to download a great summer read!

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Speaking Programs for Educators

For years Nelson has been delivering inspiring and rejuvenating keynotes and professional development programs for educators across the country.

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Literacy in America

Did you know that in the United States, 1 person in 7 is functionally illiterate? Many adults today are underemployed because they have low literacy skills. Often they are adults who, like Nelson, grew up with a learning disability that went undiagnosed and unaddressed in school. It is never too late to reach your highest and best. Learn how you can make a positive difference in someone’s life.

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