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The Miner 49ers and California’s Goldrush of 1849

Nelson's favorite story. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ada Snyder!

An update on the story of Ada.

The life story of gangster Al Capone.

The story of Alexander Graham Bell.

America From its beginnings.

American heroes are all around us.

President Andrew Johnson.

It was an awful highway accident. Yet through the work of a good samaritan, "baby Patrick" would survive.

The wonderful story of "Balto" the sled dog, who led his team through a blizzard to deliver desperately needed medicine to the children of Nome, Alaska.

Nelson finds an Italian restaurant hidden in the basement of a country store.

The story of the "Bataan Death March" of World War II.

The story of the best dad that never was.

Nelson returns to the high school where he had been labeled as "hopeless", to speak about finding success in life.

Nelson will tell you "It's the best/worst thing in the world".